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The Project

ARtistica is an iOS and Android app that uses XR technologies, Artificial Intelligence and Advance Geo-positioning to experience the world in new ways.

Thanks to the support of 3D Artists and content creators, ARtistica brings into the world a fantastic new layer made with their creations using cutting edge technologies to provide one of the best augmented reality experience out there. ARtistica is an active project with a solid roadmap through all 2021. There is a lot of idea that we want to do here! 

At the moment (01/2021), the app can be considered in Open Testing Phase. We have implemented the main AR functions and the Map. Both blends into a unique experience that we testing mostly in London, although we are open to extend our testing to other locations if we get some support on-site. 

Our vision is to create a fun app for users to enjoy and have memorable experiences and for Creatives and Artists to have a platform to showcase their work and engage the public in new interactive ways. 

We are open to consider a wide range of works. They could be videos, 2D images, 3D animations, a static hologram and even small augmented reality games.

stay tuned for the new developments!

Speak with Us:

We welcome any feedback, suggestion, collaboration and request to place some work in other cities for testing or simply because it is fun. Please, log your message with the right email and reason, and we will get in touch with you asap.

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