What do we do?


Augmented reality enriches the shopping experience and encourages customers to interact with brands more frequently. AR can be used for mixed commerce solutions in brick-and-mortar stores, as a form of interactive advertising, and for in-store navigation. It can even help customers try before they buy. And it has a huge potential to revolutionize warehouse and supply chain processes.

Events and exhibitions

Event and exhibition organizers can use augmented reality to support live audience interactions and to let visitors access relevant information in real time. By engaging attendees, event organizers create unforgettable experiences that translate into brand loyalty and encourage word-of-mouth promotion.


AR can be used by enterprises to improve the safety, productivity, and efficiency of their operations. Use cases for AR in the enterprise include communicating with remote workers, handling warehousing and logistics, and visualizing data and analytics. Smart glasses or head-mounted displays can overlay instructions and guide workers through each step of a complex process.


AR lets you discover the world from many angles. With AR, you can easily get information about unfamiliar places. It’s also a great tool for navigation. Travel guides and maps can be enhanced with digital overlays that provide additional information. Print materials such as restaurant menus can even be translated live with the help of AR.


Integrating augmented reality in education makes learning interactive. AR captures students’ attention and results in better understanding of subject matter by recreating historical events, explaining physics concepts, or adding extra information about studied objects. Augmented reality apps with educational content can substitute expensive learning materials.

Events & trade shows

Anansi develops virtual reality experiences for live events, trade shows, product launches, exhibitions, and other events. Virtual reality allows users to experience three-dimensional space and interact with it. These dynamic and memorable experiences translate into high ROI for event organizers. Our VR solutions create a vivid and realistic virtual space that will enhance the event and add to the impression.

Marketing & sales

Virtual reality is a powerful tool for sales and marketing because it creates an emotional connection between customers and brands (or products). VR is used to demonstrate products in virtual showrooms, immerse users in branded entertainment experiences, and help consumers make informed choices with the help of virtual tours. With virtual reality, consumers can see the product or service value much clearer, thus making better-informed decisions.

Health & wellness

Mindfulness and meditation, stress reduction and relaxation, medical training and mental health – we can build virtual reality solutions for all these use cases. Some VR applications for healthcare will require regulatory compliance, but there’s a large market for outpatient therapy and general wellness solutions. With a complete immersion in virtual reality, the user can receive a better therapy quality.

How can we help?

Our services include performance optimized design, programming, and testing of AR software.

AR experiences for iOS and Android

Anansi develops augmented reality application of any complexity. Augmented reality apps created by Anansi are feature-rich and support realistic experiences, such as the ability to zoom and rotate the AR item.

Besides, we can combine AR with other advanced technologies to create even more fascinating user experience. For example, our developers can use both AR and face recognition technology in a beauty app to create the most natural appearances.

3D visualizations

Our 3D artists produce interactive 3D visualizations and 3D animations for various industries. The AR software developed by our agency gives realistic item images that can be easily manipulated to achieve the purpose of the app.

Our augmented reality apps can be created with the environment recognition feature detecting the points and surfaces in the real world. This way, AR items look most natural.

Anansi creates custom branded virtual reality experiences for every existing headset.

Develop immersive VR experiences

We have a creative vision and proven experience delivering engaging VR applications. Our team includes professionals in VR programming who can develop virtual reality software of the highest quality. We work with all state-of-the-art virtual reality programming platforms. VR solutions created by Anansi are one-of-a-kind and can make your application stand out from among the competition.

With virtual reality apps built by our professionals, your users will find themselves in a new world that you have opened for them.

Create VR apps for all modern headsets

We build virtual reality apps for Oculus, HTC Vive and etc. Our VR programming experts have extensive experience of working with all VR equipment that is currently on the market.

We are also closely following the manufacturers’ news to be the first to know about a new product or feature. We can build virtual reality applications for the advanced models of VR equipment making the most of the functionality it supports. Moreover, we can upgrade the existing VR solutions to make them work with the latest models of the virtual reality headsets on the market.