3D Scanning Fitting Room for Malls and High street retailers

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Forget queues.
Try anything you want…even from home!

Anansi is collaborating with a worldwide retail estate (shhh…we still can’t say who!) to a new concept of fitting room that use the latest advancements in 3D body scanning and Augmented reality to completely revamp the experience of trying out clothes.

How does it work?

Have you ever experienced never-ending queues in front of the fitting rooms just to try one pair of jeans, then repeat it again in the next shop?

What if you would just need to step in a fitting room once, wait for a few second that your body scan is complete and then just scroll and pick through your favourite brands on the augmented mirror in front of you. You won’t need anymore to bring 20 items with you in the booth. Our AI will always suggest you the right size, regardless of differences in models and brands.

Or maybe you don’t have time to stick around and play with the magic mirror? No worries! 

Once your body scan is complete, you will be able to use it to know what size fits you. You can also try with your phone any item in augmented reality, which will be available on any web/mobile app from your favourite brand (if they embed the component), or through our stand-alone application

Who can benefit from it?

Anansi is committed to deliver solutions that make a genuine impact and reshape old concepts in order to be beneficial for everyone who uses it’s products.


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