The possibility of making purchases without leaving home at any time of the day is greatly appreciated by millions of online shoppers.

VR transports the shopper in the virtual store allowing to explore the items in the virtual environment.
AR makes the usual High street shop alive and allow customers to experience a truly personalized experience

What do we do

AR apps for fashion stores

Applications, which will showcase fashion models wearing clothes from the new collection in augmented reality in stores or transfer visitors to the fashion show in virtual reality.


  • Ability to draw the clients’ attention to the brand and reinforce its reputation;
  • Possibility to encourage clients to visit brick-and-mortar stores rather than buy online;
  • Sales increase and raise cost recovery of the stores;
  • Brand differentiation from the competitors.

AR apps, which enable to try on the products online

Applications, which enable to try on different products from makeup and jewelry to the furniture in augmented reality before making a decision about a purchase.


  • Return rate reduction and improved clients satisfaction;
  • Increased user conversion as the lack of opportunity to try on clothes is the only step that hinders customers from buying;
  • Reduction of the number of offline stores by giving an opportunity to try online;
  • More opportunities for international development as creating an app doesn’t require as many resources as opening a store.

Virtual reality shopping

Stores in virtual reality where customers could choose and buy different types of products from automobile to furniture and domestic appliances. The app can include different scenarios depending on the industry; for example, virtual test drives for new models of the cars or possibility to modify and customize interior design in virtual reality.


  • Cut costs on the rent of the location;
  • Possibility to interact, customize and test products in virtual reality;
  • Potential to decrease the probability of damaging real products.

VR applications for fashion shows

Applications, which allows attending fashion shows in virtual reality with the models wearing clothes from a new collection. The apps are dedicated to the customers who attend the brick-and-mortar stores of the brand.


  • Offered entertainment during the shopping process;
  • Show how to wear clothes and trigger the purchase;
  • A sense of presence at the event, which will enable clients to relate more to the brand;
  • Creation of long-lasting positive memories of the brand.
The benefits of augmented reality are greatly appreciated by beauty retailers. AR applications eliminate the last obstacle preventing online shoppers from completing the purchase – the inability to try the products on.

An AR application can turn a smartphone screen into a mirror in which the user can put on any makeup products to see whether they fit their face. Such virtual try-ons save the users’ time to visit the shops and reduce the number of unhappy customers, as it is usually rather hard to return a makeup product that does not fit.

AR applications for beauty brands allow to upload a photo and apply all sorts of products virtually. This way, the user can select the shades and textures fitting their face precisely and then shop with confidence.


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