One of the logistics sectors requiring accurate handling and extremely prone to errors is warehousing and inventory. In large logistics companies, warehouses occupy thousands of square meters and store hundreds of different items. Finding items and loading them to the correct vehicles can be a challenge.

What do we do

AR wayfinding solutions inside a warehouse

An AR application for Hololens, which provides the item navigation through the order inside the warehouse. The information about the exact item location, including the shelf and the aisle, as well as the itinerary, are displayed on the HUD of the AR device.


  • Increased efficiency of warehouse workers, especially new employees who are not familiar with the environment;
  • Ability to avoid errors and waste of time when searching for the right location;
  • Time and cost saving on training due to the automatization of the navigation process.

AR warehouse pick-ups solution

An application for Hololens, which provide information about the right position of items on the pallet in augmented reality. The app also indicates the right order for picking items.


  • Reduction of loss/damage of the item due to the right position on the pallet;
  • Time reduction needed to complete an order;
  • Increased productivity of warehouse workers;
  • Costs drop due to process automatization.

Warehouse safety training in VR

Training in virtual reality is dedicated to teaching new and interim employees the safety and emergency procedures in a warehouse environment.


  • Accident rate reduction and safety improvement in the warehouse;
  • Better information retention compared to the traditional training due to the immersive experience and recreation of consequences of accidents in virtual reality;
  • Ability to repeat training regularly without additional equipment costs and involvement of instructors.

Warehouse planning in VR

Recreation in virtual reality of the warehouse environment during the planning stage in order to test it and introduce changes before making a final decision.


  • Real understanding of the material flow and movements of employees;
  • Ability to recreate all the details of the environment and take them into account in the planning process;
  • Opportunity to experience different scenarios of warehouse management;
  • Possibility to find out problems, which can slow down or impede the processes, and which are difficult to see in 2D or 3D models.

AR applications can help companies to use the storage and transportation space in the most optimal way. The code on the item showing the exact dimensions will be a great tool for loaders and warehouse personnel.

AR-enhanced warehousing application is used by a global logistics giant to optimize item finding procedures. The application allows laying the shortest routes in large warehouses and reducing the handling time.

In its turn, virtual reality may also find its use in the logistics industry. A VR application visualizing the entire warehouse will be a perfect platform for planning the load and laying down the traffic routes.

The same approach can be used to load vehicles so that the cargo weight is distributed evenly. A loading supervisor can virtually load the truck in the most effective way and prepare the instruction for the warehouse staff. With such virtual preparation, the vehicle will be loaded on the first try saving time and protecting the cargo from damage.

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