Young children and college students alike are fascinated with the immersive experience VR creates. Besides, by stimulating multiple senses:

  • vision, hearing, space orientation;
  • VR ensures much longer knowledge retention.

Augmented reality adding virtual objects to real environments is another great technology that engages students quickly and keeps them interested. AR enhances the educational program immensely by allowing recreating any object – natural phenomena, prehistoric animals, space bodies, internal organs.

What do we do

AR/VR applications for studying the natural sciences

Applications which show the processes that are invisible for the human eye, and also allow to visualize the abstract notions in augmented and virtual reality. Apps can also include interactions and assessment parts. This solution can be used in the lessons of natural sciences such as chemistry, physics, astronomy, biology, geography.


  • Boost interest of the students by using innovative solutions and offer gamification, which is more captivating for kids then the explanations of the teacher;
  • Increase the efficiency of the education process and improvement of students performance;
  • Improve the information retention due to the immersive and interactive experience;
  • Possibility to merge the theoretical and practical part of the educational process.

VR application for learning foreign languages

VR application that enables learners, who are located in different places, to communicate and use foreign languages in real-life situations in virtual reality for educational purposes.


  • Full immersion and communication from the first lessons gives the possibility to avoid the language barrier;
  • Opportunity for students to save time and travel costs to language schools;
  • Language practice in real-life situations that are difficult to reproduce in the native country;
  • Cost-effectiveness and efficiency of education compared to online courses and language schools.

AR/VR applications for history lessons

Applications let you experience what you would have been experiencing if you stood at the same spot in the past and witnessed a historic moment using augmented reality. This app can also be used during school city tours. Historic events can be recreated in virtual reality at history lessons.


  • Ability to draw students’ attention to history and stimulate their interest;
  • Detailed visualization contributes to a deeper understanding of the subject and the development of awareness of the historical perspective;
  • Increased concentration of students during the lessons due to the use of gadgets, entertainment elements, and gamification;
  • Opportunity to experience historical events contributes to the memorization of the material.

VR applications for construction engineering and architecture students

Applications that allow to visualize and plan construction projects in virtual reality, as well as perform modeling, interactively modify 3D plans and collaborate while working on mockups.


  • Better comprehension of complex 3D spatial situations and 3D dimensions of drawings;
  • Improved ability to understand planning documents, interpret schedule errors and identify sequence conflicts in the construction process due to the visualization of the sequence rules;
  • Possibility to experience different solutions of the same issue in virtual reality and develop a clear understanding of the complex decision related to construction and design.

Animated AR can turn a lesson into an exciting adventure by letting the students interact with the virtual objects.

Three-dimensional objects can replace the traditional models used in various educational programs and have a longer lasting effect than images and videos. Another aspect of using AR in education is its cost-effectiveness. Such application runs on most modern smartphones and requires no additional hardware.

A single application including hundreds of virtual objects can contain learning plans for multiple study programs.

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